Use Cases

3D Visualization Software for Urban Planning.

Cityware is a cloud-based service that enables the visualization of 2D, 3D and GIS data in a 3D world. You can design, visualize and communicate projects from large scale city developments to detailed architectural designs. Cityware is web-based and VR-based. Cityware's reality modelling makes city-scale digital twins broadly accessible, synchronising reality and 'virtuality'. Cityware offers the perfect solution to enable every city government to go digital. Scalable for all organisation types from individual planners, architects, GIS engineers to city governments and larger organisations.

The powerful 3D rendering engine supports streaming massive 3D worlds online. You can visualize projects spanning entire cities down to street level. Simple-to-use 3D modelling and shadow analysis enables you to quickly test and visualize planning options. Import detailed 3D models and place them in the 3D world.

5G Network Planning Powered by Cityware.

5G network planning requires incredibly accurate 3D models of the environment due to the heightened sensitivity of the millimeter-spectrum waves to interference from man-made and natural features. Cityware leverages aerial or satellite imagery and Digital Elevation models to create height attributed building, road, bridge and overpass vectors. These 3D vectors are imported into network planning software to assess radio frequency and propagation characteristics which supports transmitter selection and placement.

By leveraging Cityware's intelligent systems, your telecommunication clients and infrastructre providers receive building, road, bridge and overpass vectors at 95% geometric accuracy at a scale of a million kilometers a month.

Disaster Management.

Interactive definition of source coordinates, direction and speed leads to the calculation and visualization of flood, wind speed etc. within the 3D model. A built-in computational fluid dynamics solution generates real-time simulations. The result includes reports of air quality, wind, and heat.

Flash-flood Analysis

Earthquake Simulation

Tsunami Simulation

Wildfire Simulation

Blast Simulation